Who We Are

Baby Blues Connection is committed to providing free and confidential support that builds community and connection. Support us through donations and volunteering.

Our mission

The mission of Baby Blues Connection is to support parents and their families coping with pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders, with information, resources, and community; and connect and support the volunteers, staff and professionals who serve them.

We’re here for you

We’re here to connection with you, listen, support and give resources if requested. We’ll meet you where you are at.

We’re committed to you

We’re committed to serving all families regardless of race, religion, creed or orientation. Everyone is welcome.

We understand

As parents with experiences of our own to share, we truly understand how you are feeling. You are not alone.

Baby Blues Connection pledges to:

Commit to Anti-Racist Work

We pledge to engage in long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization. With this pledge, we commit ourselves to honor and embrace diversity, and to stand against racism wherever it appears.


Keep the Conversation Going

We pledge to engage in difficult conversations and work hard to examine our internal biases. 


Advocate for Diversity

We pledge to identify which lived experiences are not reflected on the board and volunteers and advocate to have these experiences represented. Once a part of the agency, make sure supports are in place to highlight the diverse perspectives represented.


Being antiracist isn’t always easy, but BBC believes it’s important

As an organization, we pledge to stand up for what is just and make way for the voices and experiences of traditionally marginalized communities.


Engage in Continuous Learning

We acknowledge that we’re all at different points in learning what it means to be anti-racists and our organization reflects this. We pledge to continue to support one another as we learn.


Practice Active Listening

We pledge to center and uplift Black, Indigenous and People of Color’s voices and intersectional issues important to our community. We pledge to listen to those who have a different heritage, culture, and experiences from our own with open hearts and open minds, and to learn from them what actions, practices, policies, or structures they experience as racist.

Baby Blues Connection History

Baby Blues Connection was born in 1994 when Nola Cross, survivor of postpartum depression, joined Wendy Davis, PhD to begin supporting postpartum mothers and their families. In 1995 Wendy became the founding director of Baby Blues Connection; and the organization grew as other women volunteered to take on tasks necessary to run the program.

In 1997, after developing a formal program combining volunteer training and mentoring, BBC trained its first group of recovered moms who became phone support and group facilitators, delivering our unique model of mom-to-mom support. Volunteers have always been vital to our day-to-day operations and remain the backbone of our organization.

We received our non-profit 501 (c) 3 status in 2003, a board of directors was formed and bylaws were written.

Our Executive Director, Angie Fitzpatrick joined us as a Volunteer Coordinator in 2006. She accepted the position of Executive Director in 2015 and is the only employee of the organization.

We began offering support for dad and partners in 2012. In 2019, our Board of Directors adopted a gender neutral brochure.

In 2020, we launch a new website including a streamlined connection process for parents and changed our mission statement to emphasize community.

Board of Directors

Tina Moe
Libby Mukhi
Harmony Mosby
Karen Pyatt
Kimmi Burke
Margot Strauhull
Kandra Kent
Jill Charmo
Kate McCarthy
Kendra Aktins Boyce
Sabrina Nichols
Adrienne Cardiel

Wendy Davis

Clinical Advisor:
Sara Carmona

Staff & Volunteers

Our volunteers and staff are the backbone of our organization.


Angie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director
Erika Van Winkle, Communications Coordinator
Miguel Gamboa, Volunteer Coordinator


Crissy Shaffer
Leonie Alaeddine
Marissa Emery
Sam Stevens
Cathy Wagoner
Leah Castaneda
Molly McClure
Andrea Cosby
Natanya Epstein
Erica Matteson
Kate Nelson-Armstrong
Sarah Longwell
Catherine Jones
Katie Beazle
Maria Armstrong
Molly Smith
Allison Rogers
Jennifer Barnes
Kobi Kollard
Kaleigh Boysen-Quinata
Rachel Linn
Tabitha Rhodes
Dorothy Spence
Emily Hoppe
Lindsay Dees
Joan Pugh
Kirsten Beier
Elena Allison Knight Schor
Traci Hagberg
Amara Tekus
Kelsey Bushong
Taylor Smithey
Lindsay Dees
Vanessa Cardona
Rachel Krager
Amanda Radtke
Blair Siegel
Elizabeth Ryan
Laura Hayes
Eden Swartz
Eleni Anadiotis





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